Skin Changer

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Just a collection of short Elsanna "Texts From Last Night" drabbles originally posted on Tumblr by yours truly! Each chapter is a separate drabble with its own mini-plot.

Categories: Shorts; Characters: Anna, Elsa; Angst Level: (1) Minor
Fluff Level: (3) Comfortable
Genre: General
Incest: Yes
Sexual Content: (1) None or Implied Only
Warnings: None

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Chapters: 4; Completed: Yes
Word count: 2035 Read: 8419
Published: 20 Aug 2015 Updated: 20 Aug 2015
Story Notes:

WARNINGS: This is a derivative work of fiction, and the characters belong not to I. If you have a problem with fictional representations of incest, I STRONGLY advise against reading further. Thank you.

Hi! These are my words, I first blurted them on the Elsannafervor tumblr based on the "Texts From Last Night" drabble challenge. First is the TFLN prompt, followed by the ficlet. As said in the description, each chapter is a separate work and they are all different modern AUs; none of them have the same basic plot. Anyway, here you go! -Jess

1. The Gaydas Touch by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (322 words)

(213): She's like the King Midas of sexual confusion. Everything she touches turns to gay.

2. Dancing Like A Velociraptor by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (336 words)

(314): When you're high, you dance like an injured velociraptor.

3. Campus Tours With Benefits by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (354 words)

(703): And the prospective student I was showing around had to take care of me.

4. Stuck In A Tree by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (1023 words)

(518): I'm stuck in a tree and request your assistance ASAP