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A Formal Arrangement by Requ M
AU. Elsa and Anna are the heiresses of different kingdoms and are married as...
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Table For Three by burritotruck MA
Elsa, Anna, and Rapunzel. Every step they took alone led them to that same...
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Anna and Elsa attempt to bridge the lost years while juggling suitors and royal...
Crystallize by Requ T
What if Elsa grew up truly alone without her parents and Anna? Some things don't...
Fighting Dogs by Requ M
A look at how Hans may have grown up with his brothers and how it shaped him...
An Informal Tourney by Requ K+
Anna and Kristoff attempt to reenact a jousting tourney. Elsa is an unwilling...
A Formal Arrangement by Requ M
AU. Elsa and Anna are the heiresses of different kingdoms and are married as...
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The Seductive Queen of the Southern Isles by Arendellecitizen M
When Elsa's new suitor is revealed to be Hans's mother, Anna suggests that Elsa...
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Welcome to the Elsanna Fan Fiction Archive!

More than just an archive, we also offer current stories, interviews and a place to check for the latest Elsanna news.

If you are an author, please read our Submission Guidelines before posting.  This site is primarily dedicated to Elsanna fiction...not Kristanna, Helsa or the like.  Still, if you are an Elsanna author, you are welcome to post your other great stories in the "Non-Elsanna" category.  You may also want to check out our Editting Tips and Tricks before you make your first post.

Looking for help to keep alive!!!!!!!

So, do any of you out there remember when I first announced the new domain?  At the time, we were just two weeks away from going into production on it and all of the associated sites, including this one.  That never happened and I can imagine that a lot of you can guess why...

A pesky little coronavirus took over most of the world's attention, followed by a string of real life events that totally pulled my attention away from the fandom.  Although is up and running, I have done absolutely nothing to promote it or move it forward.  While I would like to say that is going to change, I know better.  I just don't have the interest, energy or bandwidth to take it to the next level.  I just pay the bills and let it all sit - but it's not going anywhere.  I have even considered shutting it all down, but...

I'd much rather ask for help and find people to help me keep it alive and move it all forward!

What kind of help?  Glad you asked. host three different Archives - Fiction, Art and Comics.  Regardless of which site it is, there are two kinds of people that we need:

  • Admins - people to manage the sites, the users and curate content.
  • Techies - people to support the backend web tools for each site.

In a perfect world, I could use multiple volunteers in each role for each site.  They would take on the day-to-day running and improving each site.  That would reduce my role to managing the hosting environment, paying the bills and training people on the tools.  That I would be happy to do.  In a real world that is sorely lacking in flashy magic, my expectations are slightly lower...

If I can get at least one Admin for each site, that would be a great start.  It would allow us to actually move into production and focus on content.  IF I could find a couple of tech gurus to work with me, then we could actually work on improving the sites.

Based on the Elsanna Reddit group, there are at least 22,000 people in our fandom! I am hoping that from that group, I can find a handful of people that are interested in helping to maintain (and grow) all of the amazing content available to us.  If you are one of those people, please reach out to me at or look for my post on the Elsanna Reddit Page.


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09 Aug 2018
Putting together author and fic list for a printed fanfic book compilation. Message me on Reddit or Discord if you have stories you want to include!
21 Jul 2018
Great idea for polls... I actually tried to set it up but ran into a snag...I'll keep trying.
17 Jul 2018
idea for a poll question: what was the first Elsanna fanfic you ever read?
04 Jul 2018
Happy 4th of July, Americans! Any holiday fics out there we should know about?
28 Jun 2018
horray, 100 members! also, if anybody wants an invite to the July campnanowrimo cabin, let me, or somebody else, know!