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Your Majesty by elsaaquinn MA
Queen Anna is stressed, and Elsa helps her.
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Only One Year by Walard M
One year. In one year, Elsa will finally go to college and move out from the...
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Home by JPeterson T
"Why that color, though?" - "Really, Elsa? Do you ever look in the mirror?"...
Canon Compliant [30]

Stories that take place in the Canon universe and timeline, with the normal cast of characters.

Crossover [12]

Stories that put Elsa and Anna into a different ship altogether, like "Legend of Korra".

Canon Divergent [6]

Stories that take place in a similar time and place to the movie, but the characters and relationships may differ significantly from the norm.

Shorts [10]

Really short works, including Poems, Drabbles and Three Sentence Fics.

Modern AU [76]

Stories that place in a contemporary time and place. Includes High School, College, Business, Starbucks, etc.

Non-Elsanna [8]

These are non-Elsanna works by our Elsanna authors.

Other AU [28]

Stories that place in a unique time and place. This includes Sci-Fi, Superhero, Vampire, Steampunk, etc.

Interviews [1]

Copies of author interviews from a variety of sources including the Elsanna Positivity Project.

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Welcome to the Elsanna Fan Fiction Archive!

More than just an archive, we also offer current stories, interviews and a place to check for the latest Elsanna news.

If you are an author, please read our Submission Guidelines before posting.  This site is primarily dedicated to Elsanna fiction...not Kristanna, Helsa or the like.  Still, if you are an Elsanna author, you are welcome to post your other great stories in the "Non-Elsanna" category.  You may also want to check out our Editting Tips and Tricks before you make your first post.

We've Moved!

That's right, our archives have moved!  We are now hosted on the brand new Elsanna.Fans domain.  It's the same archive, with same accounts and content, just on a new (and secure) server.  From a user perspective, nothing has changed other than you can now access the site using the "https://" header.

If you are wondering why we did, that's easy!  We are tired of sites like and tumblr making decsions on what is "acceptable" content.  So we are going to host it all on our own server.  A site created and run by the fans.

Now that we have moved, the next thing on the agenda is a "Dark" theme.  Stay tuned!

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09 Aug 2018
Putting together author and fic list for a printed fanfic book compilation. Message me on Reddit or Discord if you have stories you want to include!
21 Jul 2018
Great idea for polls... I actually tried to set it up but ran into a snag...I'll keep trying.
17 Jul 2018
idea for a poll question: what was the first Elsanna fanfic you ever read?
04 Jul 2018
Happy 4th of July, Americans! Any holiday fics out there we should know about?
28 Jun 2018
horray, 100 members! also, if anybody wants an invite to the July campnanowrimo cabin, let me, or somebody else, know!